Governor: State needs more work-based education

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - At his last state of the state address on Tuesday, Governor Dennis Daugaard shared his concerns about the South Dakota workforce.

The governor addressed concerns he has about the number of people attending trade schools, and the valuable lessons taught in those programs.

"Work-based education experiences may be the best way to learn these foundational skills that every employer expects from every employee," said Governor Daugaard.

Governor Daugaard would like to see more people working in environments like the one provided at Black Hills Beauty College.

Students learn in a hands-on environment and even take on customers as part of their program.

The state of South Dakota requires 2100 hours to become a licensed cosmetologist. If you are not from the state, you need to meet that requirement or have worked in the industry for more than a year.

Now, there is a push to lower credit hours from 2100 to 1500.

"It is always changing, it is a 50/50 thing. I have no question that we will produce just as good of girls at 1500 hours as we do 2100 hours," said Holly Keszler.

For those who did not complete schooling in South Dakota, they are required to take a written and practical test as well pay a fee to the state.