Give your opinion on the Rapid City Police Department citizen survey

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTATV) - The Rapid City Police Department is seeking the community's opinion on how their department is doing in local neighborhoods.

Starting today, the RCPD posted a short survey on their website and social media platforms, including twitter and facebook.

You can access the survey here:

This feedback will give police a chance to get a sense of people's perceptions and possible ways the department could improve.

Don Hendrick the Assistant Chief of Police said, "Let's say there's a certain area of town or a certain place that is not receiving attention, we will take that into account or maybe there's something we're doing well and want to see more of, we will also take that into account."

The questions were posted today and the department has already received 146 completed surveys.

They hope to collect considerably more feedback before the poll closes on November 30th.