General Beadle kids learn different career paths

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Firefighters, police officers, lawyers, IT personnel and of course, the news.

Representatives from a wide array of businesses and organizations were teaching elementary aged students what it takes to do these jobs.

They each got a sheet of paper that had 10 questions to ask the professionals about their jobs, including: How many years of schooling it takes to be in that profession? As well as some of the good and bad aspects of the job and why they each chose their career path.

For one 4th grader, she says her favorite part was learning more about the ins and outs of computers.

"The computer has different gadgets and it has inside the keys are like little chips that make the computer start working," says Grace Cordero.

We did have a lot of people tell Meredith James and Kayleigh Schmidt that they did want to be on the news when they grow up so maybe we have some potential workers for the future?