Gardeners prepare for warmer weather

Published: Mar. 21, 2018 at 6:27 PM CDT
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Spring may be here, but it’s still a bit too cold to plant outdoor gardens. It’s never too late to prepare as most gardeners are starting their seedlings in an indoor environment.

When those plants get to a healthy size, most place them outside on a warm day. This process is called “hardening off”. By doing this routinely, the plant will get acclimated to outdoor temperatures. It will cause the plant less stress when it’s actually time to plant it in your outdoor garden.

“Obviously, there is a little snow on the ground that will probably be here and gone and maybe some more,” said Tim Sime, co-owner of Jolly Lane Greenhouse. “As time goes on though and you can get in the garden or the flower beds, start doing some clean up and preparation with the soil and amending and stuff, because then that’s all done and ready to go once it’s time to put the plants in the ground.”

Sime says now is the time to start tomato and pepper seedlings indoors to get an early spring planting.

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