GWU political expert says Washington healthcare debate being driven by 2020 politics

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- House Democrats are passing bills aimed at protecting the Affordable Care Act, and which they say will bring down healthcare costs.

George Washington University's Steve Billet says Capitol Hill healthcare fight is about 2020 politics. (Source: Gray DC)

Those bills are hitting a brick wall of opposition in the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate.

George Washington University political expert Steve Billet said the two sides don’t see eye-to-eye on where healthcare policy should go.

Billet said of House Democrats, “What they’re doing here is not legislating, they’re posturing.” He continued, “These political actions, which are overt political actions, are done in an effort to posture the party, are part of their job. Clearly, they would like to legislate if they could.”

Billet says while democrats are pushing for healthcare bills their base voters want, Republicans are blocking those bills because it’s what their voters want.

He said, “There’s a big chunk of the republican party that hates they Affordable Care Act and supports the president and his campaign to undermine the ACA, so it’s good for their campaign positions too.”

Billet said it could be a while before Democrats have a consequential say in changing healthcare policy.

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