Fuel tanker rollover in Spearfish keeps fire crews busy

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SPEARFISH, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A potentially dangerous situation has kept fire crews and police busy all day in Spearfish after a fuel tanker rolled over near Interstate 90's exit 14.

The tanker truck is loaded with gasoline and diesel fuel.

The Spearfish Fire Department called in Rapid City Hazmat Unit to help with recovery efforts.

They say they needed to drill a hole on the side of the tank so the gas company could come in remove the fuel from the truck.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol says the driver was making a left turn onto 27th street from Colorado Boulevard when he tipped on his side.

One trooper says a little bit of engine fluid leaked onto the road, but crews quickly cleaned it up.

Trooper Daniel Woodring says, "Of course they are flammable. Gasoline, diesel fuel is extremely flammable. The fire department knows how to handle that. That's why we do have the streets closed down and appropriate cordons set in place to keep traffic from driving through here."

The driver has no injuries and no charges pending against him.

The Highway Patrol believes there was equipment failure with the truck, but the incident is still under investigation.

Authorities say exit 14 will be shut down for several more hours.