Fourth of July lightning knocks out power at pay stations at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

A visitor tries to pay at the parking pay station at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. (KOTA TV)

RAPID CITY, S.D, (KOTA TV) - Parking pay stations were disabled after lightning struck at Mount Rushmore National Memorial on Fourth of July.

Early morning on the Fourth of July, a big storm greeted visitors and continued to get worse.

Phones and all 10 parking pay stations went down after a lightning strike knocked out the power.

After assessing the area, workers found the lighting struck beyond the Sculptor's Studio.

So they wouldn't lose revenue, about five workers stood by the gates to collect the parking fees and direct traffic.

The attraction is still in the process of re-enabling all the pay stations and telephone services.

So far, seven of the stations are now up and running.

"Well, we're trying to figure out exactly what happened when the lightning struck. Did it strike equipment in particular? Did it just put enough energy in the area that it fried the equipment? We are still figuring that out," Mount Rushmore National Memorial Chief of Interpretation and Education Maureen McGee-Ballinger said.

If you need to reach out to the workers at the attraction, you can go to their Facebook page or to their website.