Forest Service is taking advantage of weather, burning slash piles

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HILL CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) The conditions are good right now, for burning slash piles in the Black Hills.

The Forest Service is burning piles in a 48 acre area in Hill City. In most cases at least two inches of snow is required to burn hand or machine-made piles. The Black Hills National Forest approximately burns over 3,000 piles per year. This season, there are some new people on the crew.

"This year we have started a new program with some of the funds available and a lot of the seasonals that worked for us during the summer are out here helping us, getting different experiences, working more on the fuels treatment side of things instead of being more fire suppression," said Rob Schultz, the Assistant Ranger Captain.

The burned piles are monitored for several days after they've been lit.

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