Food Truck Friday: NOSH

Published: Jul. 13, 2018 at 10:57 AM CDT
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NOSH is a family run food truck that started simply because they felt the Black Hills was in need of something new.

"We kind of just wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary besides just a regular restaurant," said Alex Badura, cashier and cook for NOSH. "There wasn't a food truck in Rapid City so we figured why not, my mom's from California so it's kind of regular thing."

Five years ago the NOSH food truck began business, looking a bit different than it does today.

"We started off really small. We were in a yellow truck. We literally had the word food duct taped to the side of our truck. So we've grown a little bit," Badura said.

The family behind the food truck thought the Black Hills was lacking in Mexican Asian fusion, especially good fish tacos.

"People go crazy for the fish tacos. They sell like insane and people can't stop talking about it," Badura said.

"Could be the cheese, a lot of people talk about the cheese fan that's on the fish tacos, they go crazy for that too but, you can't buy a better fish taco in Rapid City."

Badura said the people in the Black Hills are why they love doing what they do.

"Everyone's so polite, literally haven't had like one bad customer experience in the last five years. You know every once in a while you get someone who's cranky, but it's the people, it's the people who are awesome," said Badura

If you're looking for an Asian twist to your taco or fancy tater tots, you can keep up with NOSH on Facebook and Twitter.

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