Food Truck Friday: Green Chili Shack

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - We heard from Rapid City's first food truck last week, but today, we're hearing from one that just started up last year. Hope you're in the mood for some Mexican because the spotlight is on The Green Chili Shack for this week's Food Truck Friday.

Jamie Jackson loves to cook, so starting a food truck was a natural step to enhance her craft.

"I used to cook a lot of the chili rellenos and things like that and people were always asking me, 'oh can you bring that to certain parties?' or 'if we give you the ingredients, can you cook it for us?' so I just batted the idea around for about 4 years. Finally, I was like you know I should just do it because I'm not getting any younger so I did it," said The Green Chili Shack Owner Jamie Jackson.

Choosing Mexican food as her main focus for the food truck was easy.

"I've just always loved Mexican food, so that's what I was used to cooking. I cook on the food truck as if I'm cooking for myself," Jackson said.

The chili rellenos keep people coming back for more.

"But, some people don't know about them so much because most chili rellenos are made with pepper and then they stuff the cheese inside the pepper and roll it in an egg. Mine are different - I don't use egg at all. I use egg roll wrappers so it's kind of a different twist to the chili relleno."

It's Jackson's second summer in the Black Hills and enjoys being a part of the food truck community.

"That's really awesome because that brings a great feeling too because you know you kinda work with other food trucks and you all know what each other is going through so that's kinda fun."

If you're in the mood for some Mexican cuisine, you can track The Green Chili Shack's location on Facebook. The link is located to the right of the article.

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