Food Dudes arrive in Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Get out your phones - your forks. A new delivery service called Food Dudes is now in Rapid City. With this service, you can order from your favorite restaurant and receive it right at your door.

Cole Benne, managing partner of Food Dudes in Rapid City, is excited to introduce local residents to this service.

“We’re a third-party delivery system for all the restaurants that don’t deliver,” said Benne.

Food Dudes arrived in Rapid City last week and orders started pouring in.

“There are tons of people that only get like 30 minutes for lunch and they don’t have time to go out and get their food; or they want food that is across town that they can’t get. So, they just order it through us. We’ll go pick it up and take it right to them at their work,” said Benne.

This service has many businesses jumping on the bandwagon. Tim Smith, general manager of Shooters, saw how helpful deliveries could be for the restaurant and customers.

“We decided to do this for growth purposes and for convenience for our repeat guests, as well. Come winter time, especially, if somebody loves Shooters, they don’t have to drive here, we can give it to them. So, it’s just been an added value for what we have at the ready. It’s kind of all bonus for us,” said Smith.

There are 11 restaurants on board and the service has plans to add five or six more to the lineup.

People are eating up how convenient this can be.

“So far I think it is doing really well in Rapid. People are starting to use us, and the restaurants that were thinking about doing deliveries are going to try us out first and then go from there,” said Benne.

If you are hungry for more, here is the link to Food Dudes.