Florida family kicks off bucket list tour in Deadwood

Rapid City, S.D. (KOTA-TV) Tyson says, "Probably the tours. the whole place and the Adams House was fascinating. "

Tyson and his family are visiting the Black Hills from their home in Florida, amongst their stops were the Adams House in Deadwood as well as seeing Mt. Rushmore and going on a dino dig.

Tyson says, "I really like dinosaurs and stuff I would love to uncover some fossils of dinosaurs and stuff."

For Tyson's parents, seeing their 9-year-old son live out a dream is everything they hope for on this family vacation.

Mina says, "A dream come true. He has loved dinosaurs says he was 3. I can't wait to see his expression and see how meticulous he will be."

While Tyson loved the history of the Adams House, he is also hoping to leave his own historical mark during his visit.

Tyson says, "I hope to find maybe a raptor, or T-Rex, or maybe a new species or something."

For the 9-year-old, the history of Deadwood, and reading up on it while touring the historic town

Tyson, "I love the stories and tales, and wanted posters and any kind of spooky stuff."

Now with just a few more visits and sights left to visit. This family trip has made a lifetime of memories for the entire family and even offered more than their own home state tourist attractions.

Tyson, "I've had more fun than I had at Disney alone."