First-year students at local high schools will now receive laptops

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Next year incoming freshmen at Stevens and Central high schools will be the first class to receive laptops.

First-year students will receive laptops, which will help them inside and outside of the classroom. (KOTA)

The plan is to provide students with these devices so they can use them during class.

Between 1200-1300 laptops will be given out, depending on the enrollment numbers for the upcoming year.

Director for information and technology at Rapid City Schools, Shane Daniel says administrators decided to test it out with the incoming freshmen because of a new online course all freshmen must take.

Providing students with laptops will also save time for teachers, so they don't have to constantly reserve laptop carts.

"As we adopt new curriculum's, it's becoming more and more difficult to get ones that have books. Due to everything going to an online only it also gives our students opportunities to do more stuff outside the classroom," says Daniel.

Daniel says money for the laptops will come from their capital outlay fund.

At this time, they're still trying to figure out whether the students will take home the laptops or only use them in school.