First Alert - How to create an emergency kit for your house

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) A strong snow or ice storm could knock the power out and keep you stranded at home.

If that were to happen, are you prepared by having an emergency kit?

Here is what you need to know.

The first step is to find a container, then you start collecting items.

"In your home we're gonna start with the flash light, having those things. Having some extra medication in case you're not able to get out. You always want to have a little supply of medication, having that there. Then having water is always gonna be the most significant thing that you can have," Red Cross executive director Richard Smith said.

You will also want to include foods high in protein, items to keep you warm like blankets, jackets, gloves and hats and a first aid kit.

"Typically we want you to be prepared for 72 hours that you can take time to take care of yourself until other responders can get in and start helping out," Smith said.

Store your kits in an easy to find location so you know exactly where to find it and if the power goes out.

"It's important to kinda pick a room that you wanna be in and then try and just maintain your life in that room, so that you don't have to open doors and that you can maintain the heat of the house," Smith said.

Minimize opening and closing your refrigerator and freezer so food doesn't spoil.

"If you have extra blankets, you can put those on top of a freezer to help kinda insulate that and keep it cold longer so that you can hopefully save your food," Smith said.

Also, make sure you turn your light switches off.

"So that when the power does start to come back on, there's not this sudden rush of voltage in your house," Smith said.

If you have any furry friends around the house, make sure you have enough food and water for them to survive as well.

Be sure to check the batteries for your electronics and expiration dates for your food about every six months.

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