Famous Dave's suddenly closes

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Famous Dave's Barbecue on Eglin Street closed its doors today, suddenly leaving more than 30 employees jobless right before the holiday season.

Famous Dave's is now closed and will become an Old Chicago restaurant.

Staff said, that they were blind-sided and that there was no prior indication of possible closure.

Twin brothers Pat and Casey Ryan owned the location and are based in Billings, Montana. A former employee said she took a former co-worker to pick up their final check today and saw Pat, who the employee described as sad.

A former long-time server described the frustration of the sudden closure, especially as the holidays approach.

"It's very saddening," said Misti Edwards, a former server at Famous Dave's. "We have a Facebook page and we've been posting on there. It sucks, everybody is trying to find work, we're out of work, we're going be out of work, it's 23 days until Christmas."

Edwards said that her manager did not know about the closing beforehand and described business as often incredibly slow.

The space is already slated to become an Old Chicago.

We called the restaurant for comment but we were unable to reach anyone.