Falling snow a headache for plows

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - City snow plows hit the streets around one Friday morning, but with slightly different routes. Since there was no public school, the plows focused on the most critical areas - emergency routes and hills.

The city communication manager, Darrel Shoemaker, said they had more than 40 people working on clearing roads - from city plows to small contractors.

"With the additional snow fall, we have had to go back and retrace our efforts," Shoemaker said. "We have over 400 street miles but with all the lanes, that's about 1,500 lane-miles. That's basically from here to Atlanta. We have a lot of stretch to cover."

Shoemaker says the street crews were going to go through downtown after rush hour to limit the amount of damage associated with a plows downtown.