Fairburn Agate and Rock Swap brings enthusiasts together

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HERMOSA, S.D. (KOTA TV) - On Sunday, South Dakota's official state gemstone had a chance to shine in Hermosa.

Polished Fairburn agate displayed at the swap in Hermosa. (KEVN)

Rock lovers showed off and traded their precious gems at the annual Fairburn Agate and Rock Swap.

More than 100 people attended the free event throughout the weekend.

One artist at the swap makes petrified wood carvings.

After he learns more about the agate, he says he'd love to incorporate it into his future carvings.

"It has a unique shape, sort of a holly pattern. It comes in various colors. It's beautiful. Sometimes it starts out in a large nodule and over a period of time, it's wandered down through the hills and down through the creeks. People go out there. It's a great event. It's something everybody can do. Your family can do. Your kids can do," Rafe Millette said, artist of Stone Whisperers.

You can follow Hermosa Fair Agate Swap on Facebook to find out when the next swap is.