Even with COVID-19, truck drivers continue to get the job done

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Truck drivers continue to get the done job during the COVID-19 pandemic, but some drivers say it comes with added stress.

Truck drivers are getting ready to hit the road. (KOTA)

"My truck never stops, and it hasn't stopped since this whole thing started. It's one store to the next and so forth and so on," says a truck driver, Donald Diebel.

Always being on the go can be tough, but what can make it harder is trying to find a clean spot to freshen up.

"You're afraid to go into truck stops because you want to take a shower, but then you go in the showers and think was someone in there who had it," says a truck driver, Bradley Veltri.

Stephen Crist has been driving trucks for 40 years and says he has never experienced anything like this before.

"The worst part is trying to finding something to eat. Other than that, it really doesn't affect me much because I stay isolated in the truck," says Crist.

With many restrictions in place in different states, drivers are making do with what's available.

"So you're kinda like getting carry out and go back to your truck. And you're kind of just stuck in your truck for 24/7 now," says a truck driver, Donald Mullins.

As drivers continue to roll through this pandemic, many agree that being aware of their surroundings and taking the correct precautions is key.

"Make sure we don't take the stuff home to our families. And be very aware of what's going on and what everybody else is doing as well," says a truck driver, Linda Studer.