Protecting and serving those who protect and serve

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ELLSWORTH AFB (KOTA TV) - Security Forces are the ones patrolling the streets of Ellsworth and making sure the people in uniform are safe at all times.

Airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base take part in National Police Week. (KOTA)

Thursday a weapons display showed the public what guns security personnel use during their shifts and deployment, with no ammunition inside.

This week came with numerous events to celebrate; including a K9 competition, golf tournament, and a retreat ceremony to honor the fallen police officers.

For one senior airman, serving others is something he's always been passionate about.

"I've always wanted to protect people, I'm the oldest of four and I always want to protect people when I was growing up. Protect good people and put the bad people behind bars," says Diangelo Monteiro a senior airman with the United States Air Force.

Events continued Thursday afternoon with a security forces K-9 competition.