Elevate Rapid City wants a stronger workforce

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - 2018 saw an increase in job opportunities in the Black Hills, and with plans to bring almost 5,000 more in the next five years, Elevate Rapid City is looking for the best way to improve the workforce.

"By forming these types of workforce groups and talking about the issues and bringing them to the forefront hopefully we can determine what the best route is to take in developing workforce," says Jeff Haverly, executive director at Rapid City Economic Development Division.

Different organizations provide services to help job seekers and at Monday's roundtable shared what they can do.

"But there's lots of business people that just don't know that and so how could I make use of something that I'm not aware of," says Jim White, Past Chair for Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce.

So meetings like this one are meant to provide a way for others to understand what resources are available in the community to recruit employees.

"We need to have our education systems our workforce development things, our employers and all the different businesses, they need to be more together. We need to find ways that we can work more fluently together and really help do this," says White.