E-learning during snow days is becoming popular in a few states

 The Meade School District will not be going to e-learning during snow days as of now. (KOTA)
The Meade School District will not be going to e-learning during snow days as of now. (KOTA) (KOTA)
Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 5:56 PM CST
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Technology versus treacherous weather. In the classroom versus on a computer. Some school districts in states like Indiana and Chicago are using remote e-learning during snow days.

E-learning on snow days has become popular for some school districts in different states. But for the Meade School District, this idea isn't in current plans.

"I see benefits to it. But at this point, we're not looking for an answer because we don't have a lot of snow days," says the curriculum director for Meade School District, Jeff Ward.

In the last five years, Ward says the most snow days they have used is four, and there was even one year when the district didn't use any.

"The other thing is the state only requires about 160 days of attendance, and we usually have about ten more days than what the state requires," says Ward.

Even though there are benefits to the idea, there are things that the district would need to work through with their K-8 students.

"If they don't have internet, would you have paper packets for them to use? But I know that there are districts who have worked through those challenges," says Ward.

Even though e-learning during snow days is not in Meade School Districts' current plans, some parents believe there could be a benefit to it.

One parent believes this could help children see that technology isn't only used for fun and games.

"It would teach them educational purposes also. And everybody would have something to do," says one parent Ellen Jansie.

And some even believe it would benefit the parents.

"It would help to get them to understand more about their children's education and what they're learning in school," says one parent, Heather Kleckner.

But as of right now, the Meade School District will stick to regular snow days.

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