Dusty Johnson campaigns in Rapid City to kick off election day, Tim Bjorkman is in Sioux Falls

RAPID CITY, .S.D (KOTA TV) - There's a close eye on the South Dakota gubernatorial race, but there is also a close eye on the race for South Dakota's lone U.S. House Seat.

While Democrat Tim Bjorkman is on the east side of the state for election day, Republican candidate Dusty Johnson started his day in Rapid City.

Johnson was out all morning along West Boulevard and Main Street as well as Omaha Street, holding up signs and encouraging people to get to the polls.

Recent polls put the republican ahead of Bjorkman. But, multiple polls also show that the U.S. house may go to the democrats.

If that happens and Johnson wins, he'll be a freshman congressman going in as the minority. However, he says he isn't worried.

"Whether the democrats are in charge or the republicans are in charge, the goal is the same," said Johnson. "We have to work together to cut spending, tackle our $21 trillion debt, try to make sure the dysfunction in Washington gets pushed down. I'm willing to work with anybody who wants to make South Dakota better. I'm willing to work with anyone who wants to make American better. Let's get it done."

And while Bjorkman is in Sioux Falls on election day, his volunteers worked all day at the Pennington County Democratic Party Office, making calls and giving people rides to help them vote.

They say they are excited.

"He'll be in Sioux Falls today as our other state wide candidates and having election night there and everyone is still working on getting out the vote and until polls close that's our main focus," said volunteer with his campaign Sunny Gaughen.

Johnson and Bjorkman are also opposed by Libertarian George Hendrickson and Independent Ron Wieczorek.