Dresses on display hold a deeper meaning

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - A nationwide campaign "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman" has struck the nation. Urging the public to say something if you see something.

Now in Rapid City, a display is right outside of the Journey Museum to bring light on a topic that has far too long been in the darkness. Seventy dresses hang at the museum, which symbolize women and children that have never been found since the 1970's. This exhibition is set up to remind people that the search for these women and children is far from over.

"We have the names of missing woman from pretty much all the northern plains that they just really wanted their daughters or their mother's names to be on the dresses. It's really important for people to know about this to the stories," says Lily Mendoza the founder of Red Ribbon Skirt Society.

The seventy red dresses will be on display outside of the Journey Museum from now until Feb. 24. There will be another event talking about these women and telling their stories.