Douglas School District comes together for annual freedom walk

Since 2006 the Douglas School District comes together for its annual freedom walk. (KOTA)
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Douglas School District held its annual freedom walk to commemorate 9-11.

The freedom walk has been a school tradition since 2006. It's usually held outside, but due to weather, the assembly was moved indoors.

Students filled the gymnasium seats and listened to the guest speaker Lieutenant George Nichols, the 28th Mission Support Group deputy commander at Ellsworth air force.

The district does this not only to honor the victims, survivors, families, and first responders during 911 but to explain the tragedy's historical and cultural impact. Since many of them weren't even born when it occurred.

"They need to understand that over time and history, every generation had their challenges and had their adversity. And ultimately they've got to learn to be able to stand up when it's necessary. And to come together and have that unity," says Nichols.

The district looks to continue this tradition in years to come.