Donnivan Schaeffer's mother speaks out after execution

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The family of Donnivan Schaeffer is moving forward.
That's after Monday's execution of Charles Russell Rhines, the man convicted of killing Donnivan in a Rapid City donut shop back in 1992.
Rhines remained defiant until the very end.

Peggy Schaeffer speaks out after Rhines execution

In his final words in the execution chamber, Rhines said, "Ed and Peggy Schaeffer, I forgive you for your anger and hatred toward me. I pray to god he forgives you for your anger and hatred toward me."
The Schaeffers were there for the execution along with other family members and say they just looked at each other after his initial statement.Peggy Schaeffer says, "I didn't know what to expect but he made it easy. There was no please forgive me, no remorse, absolutely none. it was only him If we would forgive him for being angry at him. Well that never happened. We don't even know him. It's what he did that we didn't like."

Schaeffer said if she had started hating, she wouldn't be here today.
She said they're focused on moving forward.

Schaeffer says, "But anger and hate, that wouldn't have gotten us anywhere. Man, we could have been on a bender a few times. that wouldn't have done any good. We have to deal with what we have, what we give us, what we are given because we are on a path. And on that path, we are on a journey and where that journey takes us, we accept. And we judged according to how we deal with what is in our life."

Peggy says she's already forgiven Rhines and says that takes a big load off.