Doctors remove tiny bees living in woman’s eyes

(CNN) - This is the stuff of horror films.

Doctors treating a Taiwanese woman found four tiny bees living under her left eyelid.

A woman came to doctors complaining of pain in her swollen left eye. They were shocked by what they found.

Four tiny sweat bees were living under her eyelid.

These little bees are known to live near graves and fallen trees, according to an ophthalmologist who treated her.

The woman had visited a relative's grave about three hours earlier and thinks that's when the insects got into her eye.

And get this, they were living off her tears.

Sweat bees got their name because they are drawn to the moisture and salt of human perspiration – both are found in tears.

Doctors said if the woman had waited much longer to come in, they might have had to remove her eyeball.

But everything seems to be OK now.

The bees were extracted, and the woman is expected to make a full recovery.

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