Disclosing on a house is an in depth process

This is part of the disclosure documents.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - When it comes to selling a house, real estate agents and homeowners have to disclose certain information including the presence of "hazardous conditions" with a form explicitly referring to mineshafts and expansive soil.

And If the owner or agent purposely doesn't disclose the right information they can both get in legal trouble.

Travis Coyle is a broker associate for Dakota Properties and says they look into every aspect of a home with a disclosure agreement.

"For disclosures, we look into a lot of things as far as led based paint if it's built before 1978," said Coyle. "We look into the foundation, we look into the roof, we look into the sewer, we really look into every single thing about the property, but there's a few more expensive costs we look into more."

Coyle says when it comes to looking into a home make sure to ask the homeowners about any concerns and check your county website for the history on the building.