Disaster Awareness and Safety Day 2019

Kids learning safety at Main Street Square

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A free event at Main Street Square Sunday taught kids all about safety in a fun way.

"Our turn will come soon. It's not if, but when," says Pennington County Emergency Management Deputy Director Alexa White.

That's the message from multiple emergency service agencies wanted locals to walk away with from the 11th Annual Disaster Awareness and Safety Day.

This year's theme is preparing yourself for the worst, even for a zombie apocalypse.

"This is our way of reminding people. We talk about building an emergency kit at our booth and all the other booths talk about different safety and emergency things you can do today right now at home to stay safe," says White.

The event focuses on educating youth with an overall theme "Prepared, not Scared," teaching children safety and emergency preparedness.

With more than 25 booths set up, kids can learn about different types of emergency situations from search and rescue to the national park service.

To get them more interactive and learning about safety, each booth offers a question, and once you figure all the answers, you can win a free shirt.

"Looks like we are getting a lot of moms and families involved that are getting around asking the right questions and learning and going home with a shirt," says Western States Fire Protection Area Manager Ben Stewart.

Some stopped by Working Against Violence Incorporated where Kristina Simmons was to learn about the services its 24/7 emergency shelter offers.

"So it's really great to be able to talk and interact with the community to just give them information that they may not know, may not need right now, but one day might need," says WAVI Development Director Simmons.

An overall takeaway here, the more prepared the community, the faster it is to recover.

For more tips on how to get your family prepared, check out some suggestions from Pennington County Emergency Management here.