Dignity moving down the road

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SCENIC, S.D. (KOTA TV) Monday was moving day for Dignity.

The giant statue slated for installation above the Missouri River in Chamberlain hit this road in the morning.

After some last minute tie downs and safety details, artist Dale Lamphere's largest sculpture was ready to roll.

Maberry House Movers out of Pierre have the task of moving the piece from the construction site near Scenic to its home in Chamberlain.
Eunabel and Norm McKie, the KOTA Territory couple that is donating the statue to the state of South Dakota, were on hand for the bon voyage.

“This is a really exciting day and we just pray that she gets there and the whole crew gets there safely,” said Eunabel McKie.

It will take two days to move the piece to the Missouri. A dedication ceremony is scheduled for this Saturday.

On the busy day, Lamphere stayed focused on the task at hand.
“We spent years on this creation and now it’s moving down the road today,” said Lamphere who is the South Dakota Artist Lauriate. “So we're confident that we're going to get there in good shape and we’ll be in Chamberlain probably Tuesday night.”

But Norm McKie allowed himself to reflect on the meaning of the sculpture that depicts a Native woman receiving a Star Quilt.

“I don't know how to say it very well but this is a very big day in our lives,” he said. “And I think as time goes on the significance of this event will continue to grow and grow and grow.”

Gov. Dennis Daugaard will be on–hand Saturday to accept the donation of the sculpture.

It is designed to celebrate the local indigenous culture.

The McKies and Lamphere hope it can inspire people to focus on thier common humanity.