Dick & Jane's in, Karate's for Kids out

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - David Eliason, who owns the Sturgis based Dick & Jane's Super Spot, saw an opportunity to expand his business and two months after opening the Rapid City store, Eliason hasn't been disappointed.

"People of Rapid City have been being very welcoming. It's been very very busy. A lot of people still don't know that we're here in Rapid yet so we've got some marketing effects going on with that but, so far so good," said Eliason.

The city initially gave Dick & Jane's approval to move into the strip mall, but after complaints from the nearby Karate for Kids and parents, the city council reversed the decision. However, a court later ruled in favor of the adult store, and it moved into the building.

"New changes, new challenges, with the move and everything we do have some challenges, but the best part is we're sticking to our beliefs and what we've been teaching children for 30 years," said Robin Buckingham, owner and instructor or Karate for Kids.

Karate for Kids owners plan on being in their new location near Catron Boulevard and Mount Rushmore Road the first weekend in June.