Deadwood gaming numbers up for December, 2017 numbers down slightly

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DEADWOOD, SD (KOTA TV) - The Deadwood gaming numbers ended the year on a high note, up 15% in the month of December, but just slightly down from the previous year.

Through June of 2017, gaming revenues were down nearly 4% which equates to about four million dollars, but they made up ground in the second half of the year ending only one percent lower in 2017.

December numbers are usually affected by a variety of things including the events they host as well as the weather.

Rodman says this is a good transition into the new year.

Executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association, Mike Rodman, says “Well we are certainly hopeful that the economy in the area is turning around and we think that's going to bode well for 2018 for Deadwood. We think that the energy sector doing better, the Ag sector is doing better. We are very positive of the outlook for 2018.”

And with Trump’s new tax bill which give people more disposable income, Rodman hopes they will spend that extra cash in deadwood casinos.