Danish National Guard soldiers go paintball shooting in Golden Coyote exercise

 Danish National Guard soldiers run in West Camp Rapid for Golden Coyote paintball exercise. (KOTA TV)
Danish National Guard soldiers run in West Camp Rapid for Golden Coyote paintball exercise. (KOTA TV) (KOTA)
Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 8:11 PM CDT
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The National Guard's Golden Coyote training exercise continues this week as dozens of Danish soldiers take part in a paintball exercise.

Twenty two Danish National Guard soldiers geared up and headed out to West Camp Rapid to practice urban operation skills in a makeshift village.

Seven different troops pretended to be the "bad guys" attacking the Danish soldiers from every direction making it a challenge for them.

"The hardest part is we got fire from a lot of different directions. It gets chaotic pretty quickly. So we have to just stay in the groups to do what we learn to do," Bjorn Kristiansen, a Danish National Guard soldier, said.

Maj. Bracken Robinson is the officer in charge for Warrior Lanes and said the Danish use different tactics than American troops. One difference is how American soldiers clear houses compared to the Danish.

"We PIE corners, we do high-low type things, there all different type of exercises. Their's was vastly different. I'm not even sure what the names of them were. But very much different tactics for clearing the house," Maj. Bracken Robinson, Golden Coyote Chief Information Officer, said.

The South Dakota terrain is another factor the Danish troops need to learn and get through.

"Between our weather and our unique terrain, I was just talking to one of their gentleman today. Denmark is a fairly flat place so they don't have all the terrain elevation changes," Maj. Robinson said.

He said if any of these soldiers are ever thrown into combat it's exercises like these that can help save their life.

Golden Coyote training will continue until June 22nd.

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