Daddy Daughter Dance builds confidence through movement

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - More than 50 families put on their dancing shoes as part of the daddy daughter dance, hosted by the Prima School of Dancing.

The second annual Daddy Daughter Dance was sold out.

"It builds confidence, it gives you a safe place to cultivate your craft, it builds lifelong friendships, I think it helps in lots of difference ways besides the actually physical dance instruction you receive," said Tricia Baltzer, instructor at Prima School of Dancing.

The candy land theme was almost as sweet as the smiles on these daughters faces.

"It just makes her happy, to dance makes you happy ... have you ever seen somebody dance around with a frown, that just doesn't work, if you dance around you're going to be happy, so that's my favorite part and we like to dip too, when I dip you and twirl you, and ... perfect," said Jake and Violet Boerger, father and daughter dance duo.

As the largest dance school in Rapid City, Prima offers classes in more than 10 different styles for dancers.

"I love seeing all the dads and their daughters dressed up, and just seeing them dance and have a good time, and just being able to participate in something like that I think is so fun to just be on the outskirts watching," Baltzer said.

To the Boergers, dancing means more than just movement.

"The really great thing about finding my daughters in the dancing world, they seem to really like it, I believe it builds confidence, and I think it just makes them comfortable in other situations, and hopefully it builds a great foundation for more self-confidence for throughout their life," Boerger said.

All the ticket sales go toward next year's national dance competition in Wisconsin.