Custer businesses prepare for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally customers

The cashier at Baker's Bakery and Cafe in Custer counts change for a customer. (KOTA TV)

CUSTER, S.D, (KOTA TV) - The Sturgis Mototcycle Rally is just three weeks away and Custer businesses are gearing up to grab a slice of the rally profits.

Tourism season this year is a toss up for Custer businesses.

Some businesses, like Baker's Bakery and Cafe, are thriving.

"Business been good. It's been extremely busy. The weather didn't seem to affect us at the end of March, April or May," Cherish Baker, owner, said.

Other businesses are having a slow year.

"This year has been slow. I think cause of all the weather we've been having. All the rain, the snow and the flooding. It's really made tourists I think cut back a lot," Rebecca Parker, Frontier Photo Owner, said.

Parker's shop allows customers to dress up and take old time photos. But the slow down this year cost her about $10,000 in profit.

Parker said business started picking up again this July and plans to bring out an old backdrop with motorcycles on it to attract bikers in August. But the Sturgis Rally crowd is not always good for business.

"Just from the previous years that's not the case. Usually, once they come then all the families that were here kind of disappear," Parker said.

However, in the past 13 years Baker has gained some regulars at her bakery and cafe.

"We have a lot of regulars. Bikers, they park downtown here. So this place is always a central point for them. A lot of repeat people," Baker said.

Baker said this year is an interesting one.

This Fourth of July weekend brought in more customers than the 75th Sturgis Rally for her. She earned about $8,000 a day by serving about 400 people per day.

Therefore, Baker is looking forward to the turnout in August.

"Sturgis rally, it's kind of died over the years. We always maintained our numbers. But it's about the same as July. I'm anxious to see what happens," Baker said.