Custer State Park prepares for calving season

Custer State Park Wildlife Loop
Custer State Park Wildlife Loop(KOTA)
Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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Springs means calving season, but calving season means something a little different in Custer State Park

The first two bison calves of 2020 were born this week and are expected to be among more than 400 calves born in the next few months.

Mark Hendrix, Resource Program Manager at Custer State Park, says that if you see a baby calf by itself this spring, leave it alone.

"The cows know where they leave their babies," says Hendrix. "They might wander over the hill to get a drink or to graze but they will come back for them."

A lot of people head to Custer State Park to see the infamous buffalo but there's also a variety of wildlife ranging from bighorn sheep to pronghorn antelope.

"We're open and want people to come out, enjoy the bison, and drive the loop road," says Hendrix. "Come enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and take part in getting some fresh air. It's always great for everybody to do that."

Hendrix says it's great to get outside, just remember to be mindful of other visitors and the animals.