Cupich targeted in ad

Published: Jan. 17, 2019 at 7:20 PM CST
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A former Rapid City Catholic bishop is under attack from a group called the Roman Catholic Faithful. The group is investigating Cardinal Blase Cupich for a role they believe he played in a massive cover up of sexual abuse by the Catholic priests.

Roman Catholic Faithful, or RCF, is a not-for-profit organization based out of Illinois.

On Thursday, they placed an ad in the Rapid City Journal asking for input from local Catholics on the actions of Cupich while he was serving as bishop of the Rapid City Diocese.

President of RCF, Stephen Brady, says they want to expose the corruption in the Catholic hierarchy responsible for covering up abuse by priests.

Cupich was the bishop of the Rapid City Diocese from 1998 to 2010 before going to Spokane, Washington. He was elevated by Pope Francis to cardinal in 2016 and named the Archbishop of Chicago. The pope further appointed Cupich to a committee investigating sexual abuse by priest.

In the ad, the RCF accuses the Cupich of playing an integral role in covering up abuse and promoting an anti-catholic, pro-homosexual agenda.

In addition, Brady accuses Cupich of giving communion to non-Catholics, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

"He's giving holy communion, which a big deal to us Catholics," Brady said. "Neither are Catholic and he (Cupich) has made statements from the pulpit regarding giving holy communion to homosexual couples living together."

Brady accuses the cardinal of straying from Catholic teachings.

"Cardnial Cupich is part of the hierarchy and is a big part of the problem in our opinion," Brady said. "He's made a lot of statements that suggested, way back in Rapid City and Spokane, that has suggested he is corrupted as far as the faith goes."

Rapid City priest, Father Michel Mulloy, worked with Cupich when he was in Rapid City and denies the accusations. He says Cupich has always taught catholic tenants inline with church teaching.

RCF says they will hold a conference in Rapid City by the end of February or early March.