Crews continue to dig amid blizzard aftermath

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Multiple businesses, apartment buildings, and schools are digging out from Wednesday's blizzard.

One snow removal company worked a 20 hour day yesterday clearing residential areas.

"A lot of coffee. I've got great employees so we don't have any problem with working long shifts they know that when the snow comes it's time to work," says Chris Farrar the owner of Black Hills Property Preservation.

For the past two days, Rapid City Area Schools had similar problems. Grounds crews were out shoveling in the snow so students can resume classes on Monday.

Every single school was hammered with huge drifts, making it hard for removal.

"We couldn't use our heavy equipment to remove that snow so most of that work was done by hand," says Kit Cline the buildings and grounds manager for Rapid City Area Schools.

The work doesn't stop here.

"We're ready for more," says Farrar.

Rapid City Schools plan to be open on Monday morning.