Crazy Horse Memorial reopens

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CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Crazy Horse Memorial reopened to the public on May 18th.

Visitors came from all over on May 18th to see the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Back on March 25th, the world's largest mountain carving closed for the first time in 72 years due to pandemic restrictions. While closed, the facility received a deep cleaning. Now, all staff members are required to wear a mask and some are wearing face shields -- in order to cut down on potential spread.

"Its been a quiet time but being open brings energy to all the staff that have worked so tirelessly to get everything very clean and ready for this day," says CEO of the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, Jadwiga Ziolkowski. "We're very appreciative of our staff and all the people coming to visit. We look forward to a busy summer."

The Crazy Horse Laser Light Show will begin on May 22nd, lighting up the sky every night throughout the summer.