Cornerstone Rescue Mission opens doors to city leaders

City leaders talk with those at the mission (KOTA TV)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - To raise awareness for the most vulnerable in our community, the Cornerstone Rescue Mission opened its doors to city leaders.

City leaders including Mayor Steve Allender, State's Attorney Mark Vargo, and others joined those who benefit from the mission for a BBQ dinner.

The mission served nearly 3,000 people last year and help 300 people a night with a place to sleep including those at the new women and children's home.

For law enforcement and the mission they feel they have common goals to serve everyone.

"We are here to serve everybody in our community and that means those who are less fortunate, those that are the most vulnerable. A lot of times we work together, we are a couple of the only agencies that can't and won't close their doors to those in need," says Don Hedrick, assistant police chief.