Cornerstone Mission tries to keep homeless population comfortable, safe

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With snowy and cold winter weather, the homeless population in Rapid City turns to many different organizations for help, including the Corner Stone Mission.

Cornerstone Mission logos.

Services are the same year-round at the Cornerstone Mission, though they have contrasting concerns during the summer vs. winter-- trying to avoid heatstroke in the summer and prevent hypothermia in the winter.

But, on cold and snowy days, numbers at Cornerstone Mission increase 20 to 25%.

The main mission of the Cornerstone is to simply keep people comfortable and safe during inclement weather conditions.

"When you're homeless, your chances of your socks getting wet or mittens or your scarves or your hats getting wet, your coats getting wet, that's always dangerous-- can lead to hypothermia when it gets really, really cold," said Lysa Allison, Executive Director of Cornerstone Mission. "No one wants that to happen to anybody, so we want to offer a place where they can come in and get warm and stay warm."

Allison says that on a positive note, on the cold days, people band together to help each other out and create a communal atmosphere