Convicted murderer Charles Rhines objects to drug used in lethal injection

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 5:48 PM CDT
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Rapid City man Charles Rhines objected to South Dakota's choice of drug set to be used in his lethal injection.

Now 63-years-old, Rhines would be the 20th person executed in the state, according to South Dakota Department of Corrections.

Rhines' execution is set for the first week of November but Rhines wants the state to follow the lethal injection law that was in place when he was sentenced.

Rhines was convicted of premeditated first-degree murder in 1993 for fatally stabbing 22-year-old Donnivan Schaeffer.

Mayor Steve Allender was a detective for the Rapid City Police Department when Schaeffer was murdered and got assigned to the case.

"Rhines was very fond of his own intelligence, and he was 35 years old, he was at the peak of his life, and he's probably just as psychopathic now as he was back then, and he's been gaming the system the whole time, and he's going to keep it up until the last moment. So my advice to him is just man up and accept your sentence and prepare for the next judgment," said Mayor Steve Allender, lead investigator for Schaeffer murder case.

Allender said he supports the death penalty is some extreme cases.

Attorneys for Rhines argue the state is violating his right to choose his manner of execution and his right to due process.

A hearing is set for Tuesday.