Construction along St. Joseph Street 50 percent complete

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Construction along St. Joseph Street in front of the courthouse is already 50 percent done.

According to Rapid City's Communication Manager Darrell Shoemaker, the project started back in August and is projected to finish on time.

The construction along St. Joe's is just the second phase in a five year project as the city replaces bolts on water valves, as well as replaces concrete panels.

The project started last year and will continue next spring, with the next phase taking place along Main Street, stretching from 5th Street to West Blvd.

The city says this work is necessary because corrosion has worn away at the bolts, causing leaks in the water lines.

"Soils are basically corroding the bolts. We've got bolts here that show it's basically stripping the threads to what ends up happening, those bolts get pushed up and that is what is creating leaks," said Shoemaker. "So this way, they are going to put new bolts on these valves and that will extend the life of that valve."

The city expects construction to wrap up around November 21st.