Colonial House to sell groceries and TV dinners

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With bare shelves in grocery stores, restaurants are now starting to fill the gap.

The Colonial House is now packaging TV dinners because of COVID-19. (KOTA TV)

Kevin Beshara, owner of Colonial House, wants to purge his excess inventory while helping people get the supplies they need.

"Restaurants are able to get to a food stream, that isn't available to the the general population in the grocery store", says Beshara. " So my thought was, let's get groceries - just the basic necessities - flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, ground beef, whatever we can get our hands on. Let's help our fellow citizens out."

And for people who aren't ready to cook an entire meal from scratch, the Colonial House also offers different types of TV dinners.

They are calling the TV dinners "Heat and Eat" and use the same products they use for an in house meal. For every TV dinner sold, a sack lunch is being donated.

Beshara says, "the Colonial House is partnering with the YMCA to hand out sack lunches at the Hope Center Monday through Friday."

From TV dinners to cleaning the pantry, the Colonial House staff also benefits from these changes.

"Things are going well with our 'Heat and Eat' program, To-Go program, Curbside and Carry Out program. Things are starting to rebound for us and we are able to bring some staff back on."

While COVID -19 has changed the way the restaurant works, Beshara is optimistic.

"It's that comfort food time of year. We all hunker down. We have a lot of our bakery items still. We have our classic caramel rolls and our pies. Those are the things that bring you a sense of home. They make you feel comforted and normal again. That's what we're shooting for."