Colder temperatures mean new problems for your pet

A local vet clinic on a cold winter day in Rapid City.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Pets that go outside during the winter months might get "snowballs" in their furry feet that could cause irritation.

That's why a local vet clinic recommends limiting your pets' outside exposure to 5-to-10 minutes every time they go out.

If your pet is an outdoor animal, make sure there is adequate shelter out of the wind and freshwater available.

And when it comes to pets one hot topic in these cold temperatures?
Ice melts.

Michelle Lutheran is a registered veterinarian technician.

"Most ice melts nowadays are safe for pets but just be sure you look on your label for your ice melt that it is safe for pets feet if it's not or your concerned just wash your pet's feet off when they come back inside just so they don't have any irritation from that," said Lutheran.

If your pet is looking under the weather, make sure to take it to your veterinarian.