Code of conduct complaint filed against Rapid City Councilwoman Lisa Modrick

Rapid City Councilwoman Lisa Modrick faces a code of conduct inquiry following a business meeting between her employer, WestJet, and the Rapid City Regional Airport.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - A Rapid City councilwoman is facing a "code of conduct" inquiry after allegations that she felt threatened.

Councilwoman Lisa Modrick says she felt threatened during a December meeting between herself and airport board president Darren Haar. Modrick, who also works at WestJet, claims Haar stated he knew where she lived and that he had a "plan" if people didn't "stop playing games and act like adults" at the airport.

That meeting was recorded by Haar, without Modrick's knowledge. We have not yet heard that audio.

However, that meeting prompted Modrick to bring her concerns not just to Mayor Steve Allender, but to her employer as well. An investigation by the city determined that "no reasonable person" would be in fear based on the December meeting.

In an email on Feb. 7, Modrick was informed that a formal code of conduct complaint has been filed and will be taken up after the Feb. 18 city council meeting.