How is Civic Center-Rush partnership shaping up?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) -- In May the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center agreed to cover financial losses incurred by the Rapid City Rush up to $350,000 a year.

Last month the Civic Center made it's first payment under that agreement and city officials say keeping the Rush here makes good business sense. The center's board approved writing the team a $73,500 check to cover October losses. Civic Center officials say they're investing back the revenue they make off Rush games.

So we asked, how much money did the Civic Center make on the Rush in October? Was it more than $73,500? We're told that, well, perhaps not. The biggest revenue stream comes from food and beverage sales during games. In October that came to a net of just over $26,000 and officials say other revenues did not bring the total to $73,500. But we were told that a true understanding can only be reached looking at a whole season of revenue.

On Tuesday we'll report back on that. We'll look at how much money the Civic Center made last season on the Rush and how its new partnership with the minor league hockey team is shaping up.

Rush attendance has been flagging this year. The team ranks 26th out of 27 teams in attendance, drawing about half the league average