City of Rapid City is one step closer to sole ownership of City/School Administration Center

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RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) - The City of Rapid City is in the process of trying to find a way to take complete control of the City/School Administration Center.

The plan is buy out the school district, which plans to move offices into the old Black Hills Corp Building along with the YMCA.

At Wednesday's legal and finance committee meeting, council members voted to continue talks on the purchase, at a cost of nearly three million dollars.

Mayor Steve Allender has proposed three different payment options, including using vision fund money, but that avenue could be tricky.

"One of the funding sources is the vision fund, there's an ordinance governing the vision fund so we need to make sure that we're in compliance with that and we are still looking through that and how that would actually work. So there's still some details to be worked out,” says Rapid City Attorney, Joel Landeen. “So right now the important thing I think for the school district is to get an answer from the city, if this something we are willing to do, and then from our perspective, if it is, we need to identify how we're going to pay for."

And the longest debated topic at the meeting, was the adoption of a TIF or tax increment financing land near Catron Boulevard.

In a three to one vote, the Legal and Finance committee moved to recommend a Tax Increment Financing district located northwest of the intersection of Catron and Mount Rushmore Road.

This TIF would provide an extension of Promise Road that would connect at the Catron intersection.

The area is being developed by Dream Design International and the president is excited about the new businesses and jobs this would create here in Rapid City.

“It will have professional offices and a hospitality component which will include restaurants, and hotels, and a very small retail component,” says President of Dream Design International, Hani Shafai. “This means a lot for the community because it will create a lot safer road for the community and it will make the project go forward in a safe manner.”

Builders estimate this development will create around 250-300 new jobs.