City Council approves grant application

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Last night at City Council, city planners were given permission to apply for a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies for city beautification.

Part of the 6th Street Promenade area in Rapid City, S.D. that aims to connect downtown to the Civic Center.

The Asphalt Art Initiative Grant from Bloomberg Associates is a $25,000 grant for that is designed to help communities harness the power of art and encourage community engagement, while beautifying a city.

The city has been looking at opportunities along 6th Street and the permission from City Council allows for the next steps to be taken.

A non-profit art agency, Magpie Creative found the grant for the city and a partnership has emerged.

City planners said that the project wants to work with a local artist or group of artists and put them at the center of process.

The 6th Street Promenade looks to connect downtown Rapid City all the way to the Civic Center.

"If we're given this money, we'll chose a site, somewhere along the 6th Street corridor," said Sarah Hanzel, a long-range planner for Community Development. "We are now tentatively looking at space at the Public Library. They have an under-utilized, grassy area that fronts 6th Street, and this might be a good opportunity site for us to consider if this grant money is given."

The city will be submitting the grant within the next few weeks. If awarded, the money must be spent in 2020, so Hanzel expects the project would take place in the Spring or Summer.