Citizenship before graduation?

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - If it passes in Pierre, House Bill 1066 would require students to take a citizenship test before graduating high school.

We talked with the superintendent of Rapid City Area School District to get her input in the matter. Either way, Dr. Lori Simmon believes students in the district would be prepared for this test if need be.

Her only concern, she feels the state board of education should be the ones to make the call when it comes to graduation requirements.

"Any changes in graduation requirements really are the responsibility of the South Dakota Board of Education standards and not the legislature. I think this bill actually circumvents South Dakota codified law that already gives that responsibility to the state board," says Simmon.

If passed, students can take the text any time after starting ninth grade and if they fail, they can retest until they pass.