Citizens are abusing a free service in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - There is a free service in Rapid City that people are abusing.

When crews arrived at the yard waste site or the recycle drop off on West Boulevard North on Friday morning, they discovered someone dumped off a bunch of trash there.

Doing this is against city ordinance to dump trash at these sites but it happened three times this week. So far one person has been caught in the act of dumping their garbage there. The fine for doing this is $200.

According to Beth-Anne Ferley with the Rapid City Solid Waste Department, these collection sites may disappear if people keep dumping their trash due to the lengthy process of separating it and cleaning the site.

"Now people may say I don't have a way to get there,’ well unfortunately you had a way to get here, so somehow or another you got that couch, you got that mattress, you got that chair here by a vehicle," said Ferley "you can get it down to the landfill and the price even if you have to pay to drop it off it is not that expensive,” said Ferley, “…you just have to weigh it in and weigh it out. Let's get rid of our trash properly and let’s stop trashing our neighborhood."

If you use see someone dumping trash at one of the yard waste collection sites you can report them to the Rapid City Police Department at 1 (605) 394-4131. You can text a photo of the person or call with a description.